Taking buying processes to new level of quality.

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About us

About us

FINELF is a company specialized in making financial decisions easier.

Our portfolio consists mostly of affiliate pages for products and services from financial field in Poland and other countries.


We know our way around numbers.

Our mission

We turn every challenge into development

Our experience over last several years let us create a network of websites and earn a reputation of trustworthy partner for FinTech companies as well as our clients. This does not conclude our journey, as we plan on becoming a key player in Poland, Mexico and abroad for users seeking support in decision making and product comparison.

Our Brands

Our values are carried over between regions and countries of our operation, thus allowing us to offer innovative products, professional counselling and quick solutions for finances.

Every endeavour with ambitious plans, such as Finelf, needs to have its command centre. In our case, it’s Czerwona Skarbonka – one of the largest financial comparison websites on polish market. It provides not only professional rankings, but also educational materials and financial guides.

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We turn every challenge into development

Money24 is a younger brother to Czerwona Skarbonka – an innovative and dynamic financial offers comparison service. It is well known for its clear and professional advisory for clients on the most interesting offers in banking and loan industries.

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Knowledge is power we want to share

Who said we’ll be limited to the polish market? World wide web gives international capabilities and that is why we decided to create Spanish website with loan comparisons, ran and tended for by native speakers.

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We aim for international style of development

Everyone being constantly in hurry these days doesn’t leave much time for seeking attractive sales. That’s where Łowcy Rabatów come in – a website containing information on the newest and most profitable discounts.

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A good atmosphere is vital for big creations

The aim of our next website was to concentrate on people finding themselves in a tough financial situation and provide them with suitable financial products. On this website we also educate people on how to live debt-free.

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Flexibility is in our nature

Collaborations and charitable work

As a responsible company, we are a part of organizations which shape our business and social surroundings. We also support charities which earned our trust.


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We do our best to be a reliable partner as well as jumpstart for career of our employees. We ensure this by providing them with opportunities for skill development, influence on company’s operation and comfortable working conditions.

Are you looking for professional challenges? Send your resume to with some personal info and examples of your past projects. If we’ll see a potential and spark for action in it, we’ll contact you as soon as possible.


You may contact us by sending a message via contact form of by calling +48 607 063 437

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